About Africa Project, Inc.


What is Africa Project?

Africa Project, Inc. enables Africans to become self-reliant by providing resources necessary for individual and collective development. We support initiatives that invest in education, generate sustainable income, bolster infrastructure, and celebrate culture and identity.
We are an all-volunteer run and managed organization and we accomplish our mission using a three-pronged approach:
We engage individuals, communities, donors, and organizations to financially support education and community development projects in African communities;
We act as a local resource center dedicated to facilitating the integration of African immigrants into the Triangle Area; and
We raise awareness of African experiences and stories by providing educational outreach programs and volunteer foreign service-learning opportunities in African countries. 
We are a registered tax-exempt non-profit organization. 

Africa Project Inc is a non-profit organization incorporated in North Carolina, USA. Our mission
is to promote Education, Culture and Community Development. We are a-all-volunteer run and
managed organization.
We stand to pursue this mission through:
• Advancing charitable, educational and scientific advancement
• Promoting the culture of self-reliance
• Building partnership and collaboration with community based organization, schools,
hospitals, cultural institutions, international development organizations and any other
institution that promote community development programs in African countries
Promoting educational, culture and community developmental in African countries.
• Fostering international cooperation and friendship between Africa and America
• Conducting outreach and education programs about Africa and its peoples;
• Providing service learning, volunteer, internship and exchange opportunities for students
and young professionals to travel to Africa and America to work with community-based
organizations helping promote development.
• Generally perform every activity that nonprofit organizations are by law allowed to
Our vision is to provide opportunities and an environment in which individuals can explore and
realize their full potentials in life. We strive to instill in the people we empower, the culture of
self-reliance and support them to bring development and positive changes in their lives as well as
in the lives of the members of their community. We believe Africa needs partners in
development, not charity.
Since founding, Africa Project, Inc., staff and volunteers have worked diligently to build the
organization and promote its mission. We rely heavily on individual support from our supporters,
donors and volunteers. Our unique approach to addressing Africa’s many development challenges
is that, we promote empowerment, not charity. It is our belief that, if given the opportunity, every
human being has a potential to succeed in life. Therefore, it is of benefit to African countries and
people to collaborate, partner or cooperate with others outside the continent in their endeavor to
pursue development. It is also imperative that African people focus on human development in
terms of education, health, culture and social enterprise as opposed to charity and waiting for